Money vs. Self

Money and Me, Me, Me -- Miller 2006 (1116): 3 -- ScienceNOW

The Psychological Consequences of Money -- Vohs et al. 314 (5802): 1154 -- Science

Interesting work from psychology, complements Viviana Zelizer work in sociology in interesting ways, as well asll those game theory studies showing that economists as a profession are prone to make more selfish decisions than non-economists.

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Ecological Economics

A Pair of Ecological Economics Textbooks, to be investigated.

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Stephen Colbert: "You said 'anyone who grew up on a farm knows that evolution exists'. OK, are you saying a monkey can milk a cow?"

Peter Agre: "Well, if I can milk a cow I suspect a monkey as smart as I am can milk a cow."

Stephen Colbert: "Are there monkeys as smart as you?"

Peter Agre: "I'm sure there are quite a few, quite a few.

Stephen Colbert: "Oh really? Mmhum. Do they give a Nobel prize for throwing your own feces?"

Peter Agre: "........That's the Economics prize, I think."

The Big Picture: Evolution vs Science

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Conferences from the Edge of Economics


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"Prof Forbes did not become interested in economics until university. "I took my first economics class at Williams and I absolutely loved it," she recalls. "I had a very gifted professor who taught me to think about the everyday decisions I make - should I eat that second slice of pizza - in economic terms."" / Home UK / UK - Lessons in economic reality(via MaxSpeak)

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